Argo Sons Coffee, March 2015

Argo Sons Coffee - Louisville, Kentucky

Are you wearing socks?

If so, get ready to have them blown off! This month's coffee is a Papua New Guinea roasted by one of Louisville's finest roasters, Argo Sons Coffee.


CountryPapua New Guinea

Region: Waghi Valley, Western Highlands

Varietals: Arusha, Blue Mountain, San Ramon

Elevation: 1400-1800 meters

Process: Fully washed & Dried

Flavor Notes: Butter, Toffee, Molasses and Citrus

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Argo Sons Coffee is a talented wholesale roaster in Louisville. Check out this description from their site...

Every coffee has a unique story. That's why we roast coffee in small batches. Our aim is to bring out the complexity and unique character of each coffee.  Our process is a constant attempt to achieve that perfect cup of coffee every time. Learn more about our hand-roasted process and our deep appreciation for the farmers we work with.

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