Bongo Java, February 2015

Bongo Java Roasting Co. - Nashville, Tennessee

The best glimpse into Bongo Java that we can provide is written right on the side of every bag. It reads...

We buy only great-tasting, organic coffee directly from small-scale farmers at prices above the Fair Trade price.
Much care has gone into making sure these beans are top quality.
We beg you: don't screw it up now!

One of our team members lives in Nashville and has been buying Bongo Java beans for years. Bongo Java is one of, if not the best roaster in Nashville and we are thrilled to have them as our featured roaster for February.


Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

RegionSouth Kivu

VarietalsRwandese Bourbon

Elevation1600-2000 meters

Flavor NotesStrawberry, Rhubarb, White Grape, Agave


Bongo Java Roasting Co. has been a trend setter in the Nashville coffee scene since they started in 1993. From their organic coffee's all the way down to the training their baristas receive, Bongo Java is a company built on quality. You can learn more about Bongo Java and the cinnamon bun that made them famous on their about page.

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