Brandywine Coffee Roasters, September 2016

We are excited to showcase Brandywine Coffee Roasters this month, and highlight their Gustavo de Jesus Rivera coffee from El Retiro farm, in Colombia.  This coffee is special.  It is SUPER high altitude and because of the temperature of the coffee, the washing process is VERY unique.  Check out the details below.

The Coffee

Farmer's Name: Gustavo de Jesus Rivera
Association: Coop Salgar
Sub-Municipality: El Hato
Municipality: Caicedo
State: Antioquia
Farm's Name: El Retiro
Altitude: 2,200 Meters
Varietal: Caturra
Wet Mill: 3 Day Mixed Fermentation
Drying: Parabolic Beds

The Story

Brandywine Coffee Roasters has created a direct relationship with the family of Gustavo de Jesus Rivera, and visit the farm personally, in order to build a relationship with their coffee grower.  This farm is a special place and there are some very fascinating features El Retiro has, that is not common in coffee growing areas.  The first is that the altitude is really high.  Like, really, really high.  The coffee is grown 2,200 meters above sea level!  That is just astonishing.  Another thing is that due to this super high elevation the temperature at the washing station is much colder than normal and so they are able to keep coffee in the fermentation tanks longer than usual. Washed coffees are typically fermented between 24-36 hours but this coffee gets washed for 3 full days!  This yields a very nuanced and complex flavor profile, one that is very unique.  We are really excited to share this coffee with our subscribers and we know you are gonna love it! Enjoy!