Case Coffee Roasters, December 2015

For December's coffee, we are excited to be working with Case Coffee Roasters from Ashland, Oregon.  The coffee we are highlighting is their Ethiopian Reko Kochere.  This fully washed Ethiopian coffee is sweetly complex, with lots of peach acidity and floral flavor characteristics.


The Coffee:

Location:  Kochere, Yirgacheffe

Elevation:  1850-2100 masl

Varietal:  Mixed Heirloom, Kurume

Processing:  Fully Washed

Harvest:  Late November- Mid January

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The Story:

Case Coffee Roasters is dedicated to the highest quality.  While sourcing the best green coffee they can get their hands on, they personally visit their farmers to establish direct relationships that transcend geography, language and culture.  In fact, Case Coffee is so dedicated to quality that they exclusively focus on sourcing from Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia and Guatemala.  This gives them the ability to simplify their offerings while fine-tuning their roasting profiles for each coffee.  Case Coffee specializes in highlighting seasonality of coffees and focusing on coffees that simply taste phenomenal.

Hear their goal as a roasting company in their own words,

" Our mission as a small batch roaster is to provide you with seasonal, delicious coffees that will tickle your palate and excite your mind."

You can discover more about Case Coffee Roasters here.