Case Coffee Roasters, November 2016

"After searching the globe for the most distinct, amazing coffees we have narrowed our focus to our four favorite origins of Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia and Guatemala. Traveling to these origins we seek out coffees that are sweet, clean and complex. Integrity and care are put into every step along the way, from cherry to cup. Our mission as a small batch roaster is to provide you with seasonal, delicious coffees that will tickle your palate and excite your mind." -Case Coffee Roasters


Region: Guji Sidamo

Processing: Fully Washed

Elevation: 1800 - 2000 MASL

Harvest Date: January 2016

Cupping Notes: Peach, Floral, Black Tea



South of Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia lies the Guji Zone of Sidamo.  The washing station that this coffee comes from uses traditional methods, such as disc pulpers to remove the cherry from the coffee seeds.  This washing station ferments the coffee by submerging it underwater for 72 hours.  The coffee is then agitated with wooden paddles in the tank.  After this, the coffee gets washed and then dried on raised beds.  Case Coffee hand picked this coffee because they really enjoyed its cupping profile.  They found 'amazing tea-like qualities' that are similar to sweet peach tea and earl gray.  Also look for floral tones that balance out the cup.  Enjoy!