Cat and Cloud Coffee, August 2016


My mom never drank coffee while I was growing up.  We didn't even have a coffee pot in the house.  It wasn't that she just did not prefer it, she actually thought it was gross. But the coffee that she was exposed to as a child and into adulthood was weakly brewed, poor quality, mass produced coffee, that was insipid and stale by the time it was consumed.  It was because coffee was just another item on a grocery list for her friends and family, and she was never introduced to craft coffee that was an experience as much as it was a beverage.  

It wasn't until I got REALLY into coffee that my mom even gave it a chance.  I would skip the Mr. Coffee that everyone typically brewed with and travel with my own manual brewing equipment.  I would brew and serve coffee from my favorite roasters to my mom, and ask her to, "just have a sip".   Slowly but surely her relationship with coffee began to change.  And not just her relationship with coffee, but also her entire concept of what coffee is and can be. It became not just another item on a grocery list, but a fusion of the origin country, the roaster and roast profile, and the brewing method.  It became an experience.

This is the type of relationship with coffee that we are seeking to cultivate in others.
 That is why this month we chose Cat and Cloud coffee for our subscribers.  These guys are working tirelessly to roast the best, most responsibly sourced coffee for the world. They are striving to change peoples relationship with coffee through knowledge, transparency, and unforgettable coffee experiences. They are coffee evangelists on a mission and regularly engage with coffee enthused listeners on their podcast. 


Country: Colombia

Region: Nariño

Farmer: Isaac Bados

Varieties: Caturra and Castillo

Altitude: 1,650-2,000 meters above sea level



Cat and Cloud is all about education and transparency.  They want to spread the message of craft coffee and source from the best producers they can find.  Cat and Cloud selected this Colombian coffee primarily for its sweetness.  This is a very limited run as Isaac Bados produces under 80 bags of coffee per year.  Also, Bados has placed in the top 5 for best coffee in Nariño!  This coffee has tropical flavors in the acidity and a very complex finish. We know you will love it!