Coconut Latte Recipe

Coconut Latte Recipe

Nothing says summer like coconut drinks in the heat of August.  Well, combine that with some of your favorite pourover coffee and you get the dynamic duo that creates the best coconut coffee drink I have ever had.  There have been a lot of different coconut based drinks floating around the web this summer, some good and some bad. But an old friend told me about a fantastic recipe that I had not tried until yesterday morning and it is phenomenal!  

Yesterday morning, after brewing a Chemex of the delicious Sweet Bloom La Gabriela Costa Rica, I combined the ingredients my friend suggested and then added the coffee and VOILA! Coconut Coffee Awesomeness!  A drink this good needs to be shared with friends so I wanted to post it ASAP so others could enjoy it before summer is over (note: you can enjoy it in non-summer months too).  So let's get right to it, here is the fabulous recipe:

What you will need:

A way to brew coffee, coffee, a blender, coconut milk, eggs, maple syrup or sugar,  a mug, straw is optional, collagen hydrosolate (this makes it a great protein shake/pre-workout shake and is optional.)

Brew at least 6 oz of #coffeethismonth using your favorite brewing method, I used the Chemex this morning and it worked perfect but a variety of brewing methods will work for this one. 

Combine 6 oz's of coconut milk with 2 egg yolks and 2 tablespoons of maple syrup in a blender and blend for 10-15 seconds or until ingredients are homogeneous. 

Pour half of your cup/mug with this mixture and fill the remaining half of the mug with your brewed coffee.  Stir the two liquids together, add some coconut shreds to the top of the drink for effect and ENJOY! (note: to make this drink an iced drink, simply pour over half a cup of ice, or blend drink with ice.)

If you have any suggestions, thoughts or good things to say about this recipe please leave them in the comments section below.