Evocation Coffee, December 2014

Evocation Coffee - Amarillo, TX

They roast phenomenal coffee! Not only do we think so, but so do the winners of this year's competition for America's Best Coffeehouse. Evocation provided the espresso for the winner and you can read all about the process here.

The Bean

This month's coffee is a Kenya Kiruga and here's a brief description borrowed from the Evocation Coffee blog... 

Kenya is widely regarded in the industry as one of the top coffee producing countries in the world.  Their unique double fermentation process yields pristine, nearly musilage-free coffee and  their sorting practices are meticulous. This lot is entirely peaberry, meaning that only a single seed grew in each cherry. Peaberry coffee is highly valued in the supply chain as many believe it is saturated with a higher concentration of nutrients.

Scott Laboratories introduced the SL-28 and SL-34 varieties in the 1930’s and they have since seen widespread adoption. Characteristic of both is a distinct blackcurrant flavor. In 2010, the Coffee Research Foundation unveiled Batian, a new variety with up to double the yield of traditional varieties, higher cupping scores than any other variety in production and a hearty disease resistance to boot. Our Kiruga contains all of these varieties along with Ruiru 11, creating a singularly distinct flavor profile.

In the cup, we’re tasting bubble gum, blackberry and cherry. Syrupy sweetness is present throughout, but becomes most prominent as it cools. Tart, citric acidity. This is a multi-layered coffee with loads of complexity. The characteristic Kenyan blackcurrant flavor gives it backbone and structure.

Country: Kenya

County: Nyeri County

Varietal: Batian, SL-28, Ruiru 11, SL-34

Altitude: 1850 M

Process: Washed

Flavor Notes: Bubblegum, Blackberry, Cherry

The Roaster

Here is an excerpt of the description on their website...

Evocation is a micro roastery and espresso bar in Amarillo, Texas committed to changing the way you experience coffee. Founded in 2009, we've built a nation-wide following through our commitment to the craft and science of coffee roasting and brewing. 
Ordering from Evocation guarantees you coffee of the highest caliber, roasted to order and sourced with the highest ethical standards. We pride ourselves on only offering coffees that are truly exceptional, exciting and worthy of our sensational customers. 

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