Harden Coffee, June 2014

Kentucky. Well it may be my bias but oh how I love Kentucky. My Coffee Pub and Harden Coffee share the same small town as home, located in the heart of Kentucky among the beautiful rolling hills.

At Harden Coffee they believe that good coffee finds itself in the culinary arts somewhere between dessert and fine wine, a part of the good life. They  treat each variety of coffee uniquely, paying attention to the specific flavor and feel. Harden Coffee believes that it’s their job as roasters, baristas and connoisseurs, to find the most favorable notes of every origin and to give their customers the absolute best flavor possible. They don’t want to make just “good” coffee, but they want to bring out the best in each bean, origin and blend.

As coffee lovers they believe in the act of discovery, in the pioneering of flavors. At Harden, every roast and brew method is an opportunity to expand their palette experience and to once again discover a new solid level of roasts, brewing, flavors. Though they believe in a scientific approach to the way they create their blends and roasts, they also believe in the act of imagining when it comes to taste, in finding new combinations, new worlds of flavor.

This is exactly why we started My Coffee Pub, coffee subscription. We get super excited to partner with roasters like Harden Coffee because we share the same passion in exploring and experiencing the best beans the world has to offer. The My Coffee Pub experience is more than just delivering you amazing coffee every month. We want you to be eagerly anticipating your delivery each and every month. We also want our subscribers to meet the personalities and craft of each roaster. That's one of the reasons we ship the coffee in the roasters packaging. You get to see and meet them. It keeps it exciting and fun! The element that really makes the My Coffee Pub experience fun similarly to an Irish beer Pub, is sharing the experience with the other members.  

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