Sweet Bloom Coffee, August 2015

Sweet Bloom Coffee - Lakewood, Colorado

    We are excited to introduce Sweet Bloom and offer this Costa Rican coffee that is a fantastic example of what this origin can bring to the table.  It is versatile for a variety of brew methods and has a super enjoyable malic acidity.  So,  Let's get down to the nitty gritty:

    The Coffee

    Farmer: Azofeifa Monge

    Farm: La Gabriela

    Region: Tarrazu

    Varietal: Caturra and Catui

    Process: Fully Washed

    Altitude: Approximately 1900 meters

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    Sweet Bloom coffee was started by Andy Sprenger in Lakewood, Colorado.  Andy has a great reputation in the specialty coffee industry and has put together a great team at Sweet Bloom.  Before starting Sweet Bloom Andy was the head roaster at Ceremony Coffee.  He is also a two-time brewers cup champion, the 2013 Aeropress champion and finished Runner-up in the 2014 US Cup Tasters Championship.  These guys are serious about roasting the best tasting coffees that are available.  Sweet Bloom coffee is also extremely dedicated to highlighting the producer.  They work directly with farmers in order to ensure the highest quality green coffee makes its way into their roaster and also that the farmer gets the relationship with the consumer that they deserve.  This month MyCoffeePub is highlighting their Costa Rica La Gabriela. 

    From the Sweet Bloom website:
    "La Gabriela is a small farm owned by Gabriela Azofeifa Monge in the highlands of Tarrazu, a region well know for producing some of the best coffees in Costa Rica. Post harvest, the coffee is brought to the Rio Jorco Mill which specializes in keeping individual farmer's lots separate. We love this coffee for its wonderfully sweet aromatics and fantastic balance with a crisp apple-like acidity."