Kuma Coffee, January 2015

Kuma Coffee - Seattle, Washington

We are in for a treat this month because, not only is Kuma Coffee an award winning roaster, but a few days ago, this month's coffee (Panama Carmen Estate) won an award at the 2015 Good Food Awards in San Francisco! This bag normally retails for $17 before taxes & shipping and My Coffee Pub members got it for $14.99!


Here are some highlights about this month's coffee, a Panama Carmen Estate, taken from the Kuma Coffee website.

Panama Coffee is known for having bright Kenya-like acidity matched with perfumey and floral notes similar to a washed Yirgacheffe. This special lot of Panama Carmen washed was picked by us after sample roasting and cupping many seperate microlots that Carlos had to offer. This particular lot showed all of the characteristics we look for when we think of the perfect high grown Panamanian coffee.

Country: Panama


VarietalsCaturra, Catuai, Typica

Elevation1750 Meters

Process: Honey

Flavor Notes: Rum, Berry Compote, Riesling Grapes


Kuma Coffee Roastmaster, Mark Barany, has had a unique journey from New York to Kenya to Seattle. Barany and Kuma's accolades are both numerous and recent. They are focused on crafting quality coffee and we are the beneficiaries of their hard work this month at My Coffee Pub. Interested in learning more... check out the Kuma Coffee 'About' page.

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