Onyx Coffee Lab, January 2016

"We don't want you to taste the roast, we want you to taste the bean" - Onyx Coffee Lab

We thought the best way to tell our fans and subscribers Happy New Year was to blow your minds with fantastic coffee.  That has been our aim by making January's coffee the El Salvador Finca Santa Rosa Lot 17 from Onyx Coffee Lab in Springdale, Arkansas.

The Coffee

Origin: El Salvador

Farm: Finca Santa Rosa

Producer: Jorge Raul Rivera

Process: Honey, Dried in Raised Beds

Elevation: 1650 meters above sea level

Varietal:  Pacamara

Cupping Notes: Praline, Butter, Maple, Gala Apple


The Story

Onyx Coffee Lab is a small batch, craft coffee roasting company based out of Springdale, Arkansas. Onyx sources coffee through direct relationships with top-notch farms and scrupulously lab roasts samples to ensure they are of highest quality.   They keep all of their batches of coffee under twenty pounds to ensure that all the delicate, individual elements that lead to excellent coffee are preserved in each roast.  

The El Salvador Finca Santa Rosa is a special coffee grown by a special farmer.  Jorge Raul Rivera is a one-of-a-kind innovator.  He has grown experimental Pacamara varietals that win cupping competitions repeatedly.  Along with being a Pacamara, Lot 17 is also honey processed.  It is well rounded and complex, with a heavy mouthfeel and wonderful cranberry brightness.  Enjoy!

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