PT's Coffee, September 2014

PT's Coffee - Konga Natural Grade 1

We are just 2 days away from billing for this month's coffee, so order before the 10th to make sure you get this month's coffee... an Ethiopian bean roasted by PT's Coffee in Topeka, Kansas!

This is a great bean from an INCREDIBLE roaster! In fact, click these links to learn even more about this Ethiopian bean or PT's Coffee! Want this coffee delivered to your door? ***Sorry, we are out of stock for this coffee. Click the Get Started button to join and never miss a coffee like this again.***

About the bean

Country: Ethiopia

Province: Sidama

Region: Yirgacheffe

Farmer: Sedie Station

Roast Level: Light

Altitude: 5250 Feet

Process: Natural

Flavor Notes: Rose Wine, Raspberry Jam, Milk Chocolate

Brewing Methods: It will be tough to screw this one up, but single and batch pour-over methods as well as cold brew methods are encouraged. 

The Roaster

PT's Coffee has an amazing story that you can read here, but we wanted to highlight this part of the story that explains an epiphany they had while trying to improve their coffee...

I found the answer in 2001 while touring the coffee producing regions of Guatemala on a junket with the Specialty Coffee Association of America. In fact, the overly simple answer hit me like a ton of bricks: The coffee we got out of our roaster would never be any better than the coffee we put in our roaster.
I had to buy better coffee.
It was plain and simple. It’s what guides our judgments to this day. Is the coffee the best it can be? In the bigger picture, what we learned was more about ourselves than about the coffee business. We confirmed in ourselves that it was more important to both of us to succeed on our terms, not someone else’s. We learned that for neither of us was this journey about the money. We simply loved coffee, loved the people and loved the process of finding, roasting and brewing phenomenal espresso and drip coffee.

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