Quills Coffee, April 2016

"We are thrilled to bring you this coffee and all it represents for Quills.  This micro-lot from Peru is one of two coffees we selected on our first direct trip to origin in the Fall of 2015."  -Quills Coffee

My Coffee Pub is very excited to partner with Quills for the month of April.  We have been wanting to highlight Quills for some time now and are glad that it all came together to make them April's featured roaster. 

The Coffee

  • Farm: La Flor del Cafe

  • Region: Cajamarca

  • Process: Washed

  • Variety: Caturra, Pache

  • Harvest:  July-Sept 2015

  • Elevation: 1800 MASL

The Story

Nathan and Gabe Quillo started Quills Coffee in Louisville, Kentucky in 2007.  Just nine years later they have 4 retail coffee shop locations and a roasting operation.  They roast delicious, meticulously sourced coffee and are a dynamic part of Louisville's maturing coffee scene.  Quills fell in love with the Peru La Flor on their first trip to origin in 2015.  After cupping over 40 coffees there were just 2 that stood out among the rest.  The La Flor was one of those!  This Peruvian micro-lot is a stand out and we are pumped to feature it for our subscribers.  Look for cupping notes of caramel, lemon meringue and green grape.  Enjoy!