The Original Origin

Have you noticed when you get our coffee or buy it from other places that there is a relatively important emphasis on the origin of the coffee as well as important growing and flavor notes?  Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Kenya, Indonesia are all examples of the amazing places coffee grows well.  But did you know that the only place in the entire world that coffee grows natively (meaning in the wild) is in Ethiopia?

Isn’t that fascinating?  You can trace the original origin of all coffee back to the “mother land”, Ethiopia.  The discovery of new varieties growing wildly in Ethiopia is still not exhausted.  For example I recently enjoyed some Ethiopian Ardi that is grown in the wild and was discovered in 2009 a few days after paleontologist discovered a fossil (at the time believed to be a complete human skeleton) called Ardipithecus a fossil dating back nearly 4.4 million years.  When they discovered the new coffee in the region where this artifact was found, it only seemed appropriate to name the coffee after the fossil.

The excitement of single origin coffee is relatively new.  The craft or artisan coffee shops have gained in popularity in the last 10 years mostly because they have generally done an amazing job introducing people to the vast varieties and flavor complexities that can be drawn out of a coffee bean through the complete process, from the farm to your cup. I say generally because I wanted to try to stay on topic but I can’t resist noting that science, art and hospitality in my opinion are the major elements that contribute to the growing popularity of the “third wave” coffee shop experience.

Throwing a bunch of coffee together roasting it, grinding it, canning it and then allowing it to sit on shelves for months is becoming less desired.  Single origin coffee invites drinkers to experience coffee in a much more complex and FUN way.  Toffee, blueberry, fruity, brown sugar, cinnamon, caramel, kiwi and juicy are just a few ways to describe flavors to be found in single origin coffees.

This is the experience My Coffee Pub aims to deliver every month.  Where’s it going to be from, who roasted it, what flavors will I taste, how should I brew it?   These are the questions that build up the anticipation month after month and why My Coffee Pub is so much fun!

It’s the craft of amazing farmers, roasters and baristas who have combined their skills to bring us delicious cups of coffee.  And it’s Ethiopia who has birthed this fruit baring plant and spread it’s love all over the world.