Steadfast Coffee, October 2015

Steadfast Coffee - Franklin, Tennessee

This months coffee is from Steadfast Coffee out of Nashville, Tennessee and is Tanzania AB Tarime.  This coffee is delicate, clean and delicious.  The cupping notes from Steadfast are blue raspberry, creme fraiche and dried apricot.  We particularly love how the dried apricot flavor transitions into a wonderfully pleasant piquant finish.

The Coffee

Country: Tanzania

Region: Tarime

Altitude: 1850 meters

Varietal:  N39, KP432 

Processing: Washed and Sun Dried

Roast Level: Light (city)

The Story

Steadfast Coffee is Nashville's newest micro-roastery.  They began serving quality coffees from carefully sourced roasters to the Nashville populace, then decided to start roasting for themselves.  We are so glad they did!  With the recent arrival of their Diedrich IR-12 (see their sweet logo on the side) and their scrupulous sourcing of green coffee, combined with careful roast profiles that accentuate the coffees inherent culinary fingerprint, they are our favorite roaster in Nashville.