Sunergos Coffee, August 2014

Sunergos Coffee

August's coffee is in the mail (not like that check you are still waiting on). The coffee this month is certain to blow your mind, because it's from the award-winning roastery, Sunergos in Louisville.

They have a strong emphasis on community and working together. Here are a few details to know about the bean and the roaster as you enjoy this month's coffee.

About The Bean

Country: Panama

Process: Washed

Aroma: Caramel Apple, Cherry, Sweet

Flavor: Cherry, Walnut, Smarties

Body: Medium

Finish: Semi-Dry, Lingering, Sweet Tart

Brewing: The roaster recommends brewing the Panama coffee the following… Using a Pour over 33 g of coffee and 490 mL or grams they're the same of water with a 3:30 extraction time. And the temperature should be 202°. Your grind should be slightly finer than an automatic drip coffee machine.

The Roaster

Here is a little background provided by the roaster:

“Sunergos” is a Greek word meaning ‘co-laborer’ or ‘working together.’ This is a good representation of our farm-to-cup mentality, celebrating the collaboration necessary for the creation of fantastic coffee. If you’re like us, you hold firmly to the value that coffee is not a mere commodity. Rather, it is an integral part of cultures and communities and is the economic livelihood of families the world over. “Good coffee,” then, is not only a description of the quality of a cup but a statement of responsibility and justice. For this reason, you will want to know if the coffee we offer is, in fact, good.

The have built their business on Quality, Economic Responsibility, and Sustainable Partnerships. 

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