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We are pleased to welcome the readers of KC COFFEE GEEK for this exclusive 6 month subscription give away contest!  The winner will be selected on September 4th!  

BONUS: All entries submitted by midnight tomorrow (the 24th) will have a chance to win this month's featured coffee from Cat and Cloud as well as the 6 month subscription!  


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Steadfast Coffee, October 2015

Steadfast Coffee, October 2015

This months coffee is from Steadfast Coffee out of Nashville, Tennessee and is Tanzania AB Tarime.  This coffee is delicate, clean and delicious.  The cupping notes from Steadfast are blue raspberry, creme fraiche and dried apricot.  We particularly love how the...

My Mug Contest Winner - and Special Offer

Kuma Coffee, January 2015

Kuma Coffee, January 2015

We are in for a treat this month because, not only is Kuma Coffee an award winning roaster, but a few days ago, this month's coffee (Panama Carmen Estate) won an award at the 2015 Good Food Awards in San Francisco!