Tinker Coffee Co., October 2016

When you think of coffee producing countries you don’t often think about the country of Malawi. In fact, many people have never tasted coffee from Malawi. It is only until recently that roasters have been able to purchase high quality green coffee from this African country. Although Malawi has been producing coffee since the 1800’s, we are finally seeing this country be highlighted in the craft coffee industry.  My Coffee Pub is thrilled to introduce this new Malawi Misuku from Tinker Coffee Co.  It is vibrant, unique and sweet in the cup.  

Region: Chitipa District, Northern Region
Producer: Misuku Cooperative
Process: Washed
Varietal: Catimor, Geisha, Agano and Nyika
Elevation: 1700-2000m
Cupping Notes: Orange blossom, cocoa and cranberry streusel

This coffee is from the Misuku Cooperative of Northern Malawi, which is near the southern border of Tanzania.  The Misuku Cooperative is one of six cooperatives that have come together to form the Mzuzu Coffee Planters Union.  This coffee is grown on a plot of land that is ensconced in the northern hills of Malawi.  The land receives lots of rainfall, and due to its proximity to Lake Malawi, the climate remains moderate.  Lake Malawi is also helpful with the growing process, by providing this area with fertile soil.
Tinker was pleasantly surprised upon cupping this coffee as elements of some of their other favorite coffees appeared in the Malawi.  For example, it has a "sweet, buttery fragrance like some of our favorites from Peru paired with subtle Kenyan-like spice."  There is a lot to offer from this coffee.  We love it and know that you will too.