Velton's Coffee, May 2015

Velton's Coffee - Everett, Washington

Our first Rwandan coffee and we couldn't asked for any better! Just north of Seattle, Velton's coffee knocked it out of the park! This award winning small quality-oriented wholesale coffee roastery took a high-quality bean and treated it properly. The fig and brown sugar are prominent, but not to be out done by the subtle floral and fruity notes.  

THE Coffee

Country: Rwanda

Region: Kivu Area - Western Rwanda. Rutsiro District

Varietal: Bourbon

Elevation: 1800-2000 meters

Process: Pulping, Dry Fermentation, Wet Fermentation, Washing, Soaking, Dried on Raised Beds

Flavor Notes: Creamy and floral with tropical fruit, lemon, fig, cola, and brown sugar sweetness

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Here's a little ditty from their website...

Established in 2007, we are a small quality-oriented wholesale coffee roastery located in Everett, Washington. It is our goal to support our great local independent coffee houses, restaurants, and northwest coffee enthusiasts by providing exceptional beans and blends at competitive prices.
Being a small roastery allows us the luxury of focusing on quality control at every turn. Only the highest quality beans are considered, and only the best of these will ever make it to the consumer. All of our coffee is roasted in small batches, hand blended, and promptly packaged in the highest quality bags (with one-way degassing valve) to ensure maximum freshness.

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